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Mindfulness - Observe without Judgement

Did You Know?
Mindfulness is more than just a coping strategy or wellness practice--it actually can change the physical makeup of our brains.

Researchers found that over time participants who practiced meditation and mindfulness increased the gray matter in brain regions associated with memory, learning, and focus.

Observing & Describing Emotions

This means attending to events, emotions, and other behavioral responses without necessarily trying to terminate them when painful or prolong them when pleaseant.

It means allowing yourself to experiance with awareness, in the moment, whatever is happening.

What are
Mindfulness Skills?

Mindfulness skills are the specific behaviors to practice that, when put together, make up mindfulness.

What is

Intentionally living with awareness in the present moment. Without judging or rejecting the moment. Without attachment to the moment.

What is
Mindfulness Practice?

Mindfulness and mindfulness skills can be practiced anytime, while doing anything. Intentionally paying attention to the moment, without judging it or holding onto it, is all that is needed.

Judging is...

any labeling or evaluating of something as good or bad, as vaulable or not, as worthwhile or worthless. There is a big difference between a behavior or action and the labeling of the person exhibiting the behavior or action.

Example: If you say "Jack is a terrible person," that label does not allow you to clearly identify what effects Jack's behavior has on you. What is more helpful is to say: "When Jack talks behind my back, I feel hurt."

"I am stupid (and bad)"... is very different from: "I blew off my meeting for the third time and this is going to get me in trouble."


  • Seeing but not evaluating.
  • Focus on the "what" whether something is "good," "bad," "right," or "wrong," "terrible," or "wonderful."
  • Avoid "should" or "should not"
  • Ungluing your opinions from facts.
  • Accepting each moment as it is.
  • Acknowledging the unhelpful, the unpleasant, but don't judge it. It's okay to acknowledge the harmful and unpleasant in a non-judgemental way.
  • Not judging your judging - that is when you notice yourself slipping into judging, don't judge yourself, just notice it.
  • Overall Takeaway: Observe without Judgement

One Mindfully Skill

— Involves...
One Thing

One Thing

At A TIme
Letting Go

Letting Go

Of Distractions


Your Mind
Doing one thing at a time: When you are waking up in the morning, just wake up. When you are eating, just eat. When you are in a group or a conversation, focus your attention only on that moment with that person. The point is to participate in each moment with all your attention.
Letting go of distractions: When other thoughts or feelings distract you, try to let them go and keep going back to what you are doing.
Concentrating your mind: You might find, when you are doing this skill, you are actually doing two things at once. Stop, and go back to doing one thing at a time.

Core Mindfulness

It has been proven that awareness assists in emotional regulation. The effectiveness of this skill enhances the capability to select behaviors that are consistent with achieving goals rather than deliberating on what is fair or unfair, and how things “should be.” 

Core mindfulness enables people to become more flexible in their thinking and avoid being controlled by their emotions. 

Emotional Mind
Wise Mind
Reasonable Mind
  • Hot
  • Mood-Dependent
  • Emotion-Focused
  • Reasonable, logical thinking is difficult
  • Facts are amplified or distorted
  • Logic and reason are not important
  • When in emotion mind, you are ruled by your moods, feelings and urges to do or say things
  • Peaceful knowing
  • The wisdom within each person
  • Seeing the vaule of both reason an emotion
  • Bringing the left brain and right brain together
  • The middle path
  • Cool
  • Rational
  • Task-Focused
  • Attends to verify facts
  • Are planful in their behavior
  • Values and feelings are not important
  • When in reasonable mind, you are ruled by facts, reason, logic and pragmatics

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